Agam's Gecko
Thursday, April 29, 2004

OK, OK there 'Gam... so we know you can be longwinded already, eh? So you're forgetting to tell the nice folks about the lovely 39 degree heatwave we'd been having, until the earthshaking rainstorm yesterday morning with the lightning strikes that lit up the pre-dawn room of Agam the insomniac before blowing the breaker box and plunging everything back into darkness. Why is that, eh? Also, you totally forgot to mention Pejman's piece this week about "The Lizard" - Marmoulak in Persian. That flick's like, practically my namesake, y'know. Yes we can be wonderfully magical and spellcasting while also triumphant and subversive . Got to get me that flick on DVD, eh 'Gam? Thanks for the tip, Pej! Iranian film is cool! And for confronting totalitarian mad mullah regimes, nothing works better than cool magic subversiveness, in my humble reptilian opinion.

Hey 'Gam - how about give it a rest with solving intractable world problems and like, crack open one of those books you brought home, eh? You're lookin' too serious, man - ok so half the neighbourhood burned down last week, and yesterday the most violent day in this country's living memory, and you still haven't even got around to the fact that Ambon, Maluku has erupted into sectarian violence again. Look on the bright side willya? You're still here, I'm still on the wall behind you, S. is still here. So get out and pick up some cheesies or somethin' (and a fine critically-acclaimed lizard movie, if ya can find one), and let's par-tay! OK so we can call it a late birthday par-tay for your buddy over there at the Department of Organismic Paleo Biological Museum thingy. And last week it was our Iraqi blogging friend Mohammed's birthday too, but it doesn't sound like he was having such a fun time of it. OK, two birthdays, so does a guy need more excuse just to eat a few cheesies and have some cheap entertainment? Sheeesh!

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