Agam's Gecko
Sunday, April 25, 2004

So you're wondering what's up with this "Agam's Gecko bisnis, eh?" Here's a picture of me hovering over Agam's left shoulder - Cosymbotus platyurus, or c. platyurus for short. Just like Agam's beloved Buddha of Compassion always says he is only an ordinary monk, I am nothing but a humble house lizard, of the family Gekkonidae subfamilia Gekkoninae. A Gekko Gecko, heh heh, but here they just call me the "jing joke" (which carries a multi-language pun which I might clue ya in on, like maybe eh, if I feel like it sometime in the future).

I like to go keyboard dancing when Agam's back is turned, but I'm usually found reading over his shoulder. Good grief this guy reads a lot, you wouldn't believe the stack of books he brought back this time. Looks like some interesting stuff there but take your time eh 'Gam - even little jing joke like me needs to sleep. I want to read 'em too, but I need you to turn the pages.

So that's the deal here: Agam of Tapaktuan thinks this is his blog, but it ain't. He actually named it "Agam's Blog" originally, but I fixed that pretty fast.

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