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Sunday, May 16, 2004
Yo! Hey! Dat's me! heheheheh

Yes folks, another update for you'all today about the smash hit Persian language flick givin' all dem mullah folks in Iran total conniptions lately. And yours truly is just so darned pleased that my bros over there are doin' their bit, bein' a symbol for the good people of that country to express themselves to the theo-fascist class. Makin' a name for us lizards of the world.... representin' yo! The headline last week in the Telegraph went somethin' like Sell-out film that pokes fun at the mullahs faces ban in Iran, and I quote Behzad Farsian in Teheran:
"There is no heaven or hell," Reza tells the cleric as he steals his turban and robes. Reza, wearing his disguise, reaches a village near the Turkish border on his way to flee Iran. The people there have been expecting a cleric and mistake Reza for him. They follow him to the mosque, listen to his sermons and take his advice.

A 20-year-old filmgoer said: "It's a hilarious film that shows how the public sees the mullahs. I still can't believe it was allowed to be screened."

The film, which has been a sell-out in Teheran, has had such an impact that it is common to hear youths yelling "Hey, Marmoulak" to passing clerics. . .

The head honcho mullah of the powerful Guardian Council was quoted saying:
"The screening of such movies must be confronted because this makes fun of clerics. It should be banned."
Well we'll just see about that eh, won't we Mr. Ahmad Marmoulak? heheheh Agam's marmoulak doesn't agree that Iranian people are so immature that they need a powerful Guardian Lizard Council to tell them which flicks they can watch and which they can't.

Here's a few links to expose yourselves to some of those folks fighting for Iranian freedom today:

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