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Sunday, December 25, 2005

ood news from Indonesia tonight. Despite serious warnings of terrorist attacks against Christian churches -- and perhaps due to a general heightened vigilance, along with robust security measures that included participation of many Muslim social organisations -- the many Christmas Eve services and Masses have taken place without reports of trouble. This is an extremely important good sign for the country. If there was ever an occasion for that old aphorism, "No news is good news," tonight was the night.

I watched MetroTV's last bulletin before sign-off, just after 1:00 am this morning. Their reports covered attendance at several churches around the capital tonight, and the security measures that were in place to protect the worshippers. No violence or trouble has been reported from anywhere in the country. I also watched a little bit of a live broadcast on the Indosiar network from Magelang, East Java -- a church service in true Javanese style, complete with gamelan music. Wonderful! Selamat Hari Natal indeed!

Ah, earlier tonight I also remembered that I had neglected to include something in the previous post this afternoon. In addition to Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah, I should have remembered Joyous Kwanza! And I seem to recall that an important Muslim observance occurs early in January, Idul Adha if I'm not mistaken (or as more commonly spelled in media coverage of the Arab world, Eid al-Adha).

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