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Thursday, January 05, 2006

nother Chinese blogger / dissident has been silenced -- this time not by the CCP directly, but by Microsoft Networks. Evidently MSN is now a bona fide arm of China's information security apparatus. Yesterday, recovering TV journalist and now blogger Rebecca MacKinnon (formerly with CNN) reported on how the company under the dominion of one-third of Time magazine's 2005 "person of the year" -- Bill Gates -- has stifled expression considered inconvenient by the ruling communist authorities. Rebecca provides evidence that the blog of Zhao Jing, aka Michael Anti, had been removed at the server level by MSN itself.

In an update on this story, asiapundit records the Microsoft Corp. justification for making weblogs hosted in the US subject to Chinese laws. It's just an example of their principled efforts to "make the internet safe for local users." Nothing whatsoever to do with kowtowing to the dictators they're in business with, no sirreebob! Pathetic...

[note: broken link fixed as soon as I noticed it -- just back in Jakarta from Aceh, Jan. 23... sorry again Chris at asiapundit!]

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