Agam's Gecko
Monday, July 24, 2006

oin us now, as we join a group of peaceniks for Justice, in the streets of Boston. Marvel at the selfless struggle for Justice -- but not just any Justice. This is a very special Justice which is (not quite) peacefully being struggled for. None of that wimpy "let's all accept each other and everyone's right to exist" kind of Justice. And surely not any of that "you and I have different beliefs, and that's ok" kind of Justice. No sir! We're talking Hizballah Justice, man! Push them Jews into the sea Justice! Wipe Israel from the map Justice, the glorious day is coming soon Justice!

That's the kind of meaty Justice that real peaceniks can get behind. So join us now, with Solomon as our guide, and Seva Brodsky serving as our eyes and ears. Photos and videos of the Victory to Hizballah rally last Friday, and all the Peace and Justice you could possibly stand.

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