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Monday, October 30, 2006

o, I'm not referring to malfunctioning elevator shoes. It's strictly been hiking sandals only for this boy, light 'n airy, nothin' scary. There are problems with the blogger platform since last week -- unable to post or even edit our template. This is a test of the Emergency Response Unit.

If the test is successful, I'll try to get a proper article posted later this afternoon. In the meantime, take a visit to Mark in Mexico for latest reports on the changing situation in Oaxaca, Mexico, where a teachers' strike has escalated over the past months into something quite ugly. Violent groups have hijacked the situation, barricading the zocalo (central plaza) and many parts of the city, intimidating teachers voting on a return to classes, welding school gates closed, burning vehicles and otherwise living out their fantasies of revolucion. Several people have been killed, including a journalist for Indymedia over the weekend.

President Fox is finally sending in the federales, both military and police, now apparently attempting to take back Juarez University, whose hijacked radio station has been broadcasting the anarchists' call to arms. Mark is also having trouble with posting on Blogger, but managing to get some of his dispatches, and photos up. His latest word early Sunday afternoon over there:
I hear gunfire or maybe rockets from the university. I gotta go.
It's presently late night / early a.m. in Oaxaca. Be careful, Mark.

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