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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

e don't often do "cuteness" at this venue, but there's a time for everything. And when someone this awesomely cute is threatened with death by radical eco-warriors acting in the name of Mother Nature, the Gecko must take notice in the name of inter-species solidarity. Wai AllahPundit, who notes that such highly enriched cuteness could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Knut the Cute (interesting that the German pronunciation almost sounds like "Canute") was born in December at Berlin Zoo. He and his polar bear sibling were under-weight, and their mother rejected them. Knut's brother died at four days of age, and zookeepers took over to feed and care for this little survivor. German animal "rights" activists then demanded that Knut be administered death by lethal injection, so as to avoid the "suffering and humiliation" of human compassion.
"The zoo must kill the bear," said spokesman Frank Albrecht. "Feeding by hand is not species-appropriate but a gross violation of animal protection laws."
But despite the demands of those like Albrecht, who declare that Knut's unnatural survival with human assistance "is itself a breach of the animal protection code," and the director of a different German zoo who stated that the "courage" to kill him should have been found sooner (due to the fact that he won't be a "proper" polar bear), Knut shall live. Berlin zoo officals confirmed yesterday that the infant bear will not be destroyed. He is by now a certified German celebrity, the focus of protest demonstrations by schoolchildren, and the talk of the country.
"There will be no executioner coming for him, I guarantee you," said Berlin Zoo chief vet Andre Schuele.

"Those who say he should die have entirely the wrong mindset."
Maybe some of those phony eco-radicals could find a way to put themselves out of their own apparent misery, on the basis of not being "proper humans," citing their own lack of human feeling as "not species-appropriate," and thus worthy of a death sentence.

One more shorter video of Berlin's top citizen (voted by television poll), for which I echo AP's content warning: dangerously high cuteness levels ahead:

Have a great life, little brother. I hope the walls of your unnatural enclosure are high enough to keep out sick, phony radicals.

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