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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

he jihadists have taken more innocent lives in the Thai south this week, and I will never minimize the seriousness which the rest of us, of any or no religious faith, and in every part of this world, will need to take these creeps on and defeat their fascist ideology.

But, as we know from the struggle against the fascism of the last century, taking it seriously doesn't mean there is no place for ridicule. Disney and Looney Tunes did it to the Nazis, but nobody in pop culture seems willing to do it to the Islamist fascists (for about the 19th time on this site, I remind that Islam is a religion, Islamism is a fascist political ideology).

Ridiculing idiotic, murderous creeps is apparently a pastime which has gone out of style (and no, giant papier mache figures of "BusHitler" with fangs and horns don't actually count - except to ridicule those carrying them).

Maybe if the civilised world would point and laugh at the muhahideen "fighting in Allah's way" more often (and louder, please), at least some of the gullible youngsters would see that a career in jihad isn't really so cool after all.

I've no idea where this clip was shot, but immediately after the cries of "Allah hu Akbar!", these mujahideen are already in the plane of non-existence, looking for their imaginary virgins of paradise probably.

This one was tagged with "Iraq" but who knows for sure. By the head swaddling and the "Allah hu Akbar!" it could be practically anywhere. "Yo Habib, wait! Isn't that one of those surplus mortars we got from..."

Who knew that international jihad has a space program? I sure didn't, but here is an early flight in the "Launch a Mujahid into Low Earth Orbit" program. Needs a little work, boys -- some sort of vehicle would be good. From the Nasrallah Shahid Space Centre, Lebanon.

The training regimen necessary to produce such capable fighters ("in the way of Allah") must be gruelling. And in fact, it is! Here's a peek at one of the "al Qae-stone Kops" training camps, and the highly disciplined drills which are practiced there with such repetitive dedication that they become almost second nature for a young mujahid. They crawl, they swim, they march -- and that high jump! A joy to behold. They practice running away! Handy for those occasions when one of your comrades blows up (watch carefully).

[YouTube is still blocked over here, but there is a solution. Ultrasurf (Google it) used in conjunction with Firefox's "IE Tab" extension works really well.]

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