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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
'Ah'm inna jihad'
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad

o there's this international conference, see. It's a follow-up of the original Durban "anti-racism" conference eight years ago, which descended into fiasco and brought a singular shame upon the "United" Nations.

This time the keynote speaker is the man who convenes his own international "Zionism = Nazism" conferences, and repeatedly pledges that the country of which he is head of state will at some time in the future, "wipe Israel off the map." And will soon have the weapons to back up that threat.

What could go wrong?

At least someone was forward-thinking enough to send in the clowns. The soft red objects tossed on the stage by the rainbow-haired jokesters turned out to be rubber clown noses, but had your humble correspondent been present, ripe tomatoes would have been the soft red object of choice.

That Mr. Ah'minnajihad is a despicable person is a view not universally shared, but is hardly controversial. His continual threats against the oldest democracy in the Middle East are proof enough, but his government's treatment of dissenters, religious minorities, women and others should be additionally sufficient for any decent human being.

If any Iranian is found to be a homosexual, they can expect to be hung by the neck from a cherry-picker. If an Iranian woman is suspected of "adultery" (as it's very broadly defined there), she can expect to be stoned. Yet Ahmedinejad is loved by some leftists simply because he hates Jews as much as they do. Oh, and he's also loved by some residents of the Middle East who just wish they could go back and live in the 7th century again (read the first link above, written by an Australian student who was present for the fireworks in Geneva).

Whatever one thinks of the decisions of countries which chose not to boycott the racism conference (and I'm thankful that my country did), at least showing some spine at the last second is better than not at all. Seeing that mass walkout (I watched it live via AP sat feed) was the best thing I've seen on television for ages. And watching Mad-mood continue to speak while pretending it wasn't happening, was the second best.

I haven't seen a definitive list of the walk-out countries, but it was quite a big crowd of delegates who crammed the exit-ways. They weren't only European or western nations, but also among them are known to have been Morocco and Jordan. But may I ask why Mr. Ban Ki-moon didn't at least take a bathroom break? He looked extremely uncomfortable up there, directly behind the Iranian kook, continuously conferring with the officials seated on either side of him. Immediately following the speech, Mr. Ban deplored it. Wouldn't the time to do that have been while the racism was being spewed to an anti-racism conference?

The most sickening episode in this farce didn't come to my attention until last night. Remember: the Jew-hater spoke mere hours before Jews were to begin Holocaust Remembrance Day. It also occurred on Adolph Hitler's 120th birthday.

The world's most well-known Holocaust survivor was also present in Geneva, and as luck would have it, the survivor and the hater passed within a few feet of each other outside the conference room. Elie Wiesel, who I've loved ever since my high school teacher assigned Night many years ago, had to endure Dinner Jacket's henchmen screaming at him with epithets evoking the very people who had murdered his own family.
Rabbi Abraham Cooper, who was also part of the Wiesenthal Center's delegation to Geneva, said Wiesel did not respond to the verbal assault, but was deeply affected by it, as was obvious by the speech he delivered later on.

"I watched many of his speeches and I never heard him speak like this…he may be a Nobel Prize laureate, but he's still a Holocaust survivor, and coming to the UN on Holocaust Remembrance Day and going through this kind of experience was almost too much for him."
I'm extremely sad that this great man had to endure such abuse, not least for the venue in which it happened.

This is how it looked. Watch for Ahmedinejad himself appearing around the 26 second mark, with the keffiyeh around his neck.

The Iranian screamers, especially the main one in glasses and moustache, are well-remembered from the auditorium scenes during the kook's speech — they were the only 4 or 5 who picked up on his every applause line, clapping wildly and bouncing around in their chairs like excited four year-olds, while all around them were still and silent.

A big wai to AllahPundit for the video.

I ask every reader to please go and watch the short speech Elie Wiesel gave on the occasion of His Holiness the Dalai Lama receiving the United States Congressional Gold Medal from President Bush on October 17, 2007. You'll be glad you did.

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