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Friday, March 24, 2006

f there's a decent turnout, that is. Someday.

Evidently, none of the Belafonte - Farrakhan stormtroopers who'd vowed their willingness to die for the cause last month had the time for it. Tim Blair found some amusing excuses for being absent among the Indymedia crowd. "I had some baking to do!" Funny stuff.

The London action drew about one-seventh of the numbers organisers had expected, around 15,000. A couple of other Euro cities managed to top a thousand, and across the US the turnout was generally in the hundreds. These were separate from the proposed seige of the White House, which was to continue "until they get out." Seems the Political Cooperative didn't pull off the emplacement of "a new, temporary government" after all. What a surprise.

There are photos and video of the attempted coup d'etat at Age of Hooper, who counted the turnout at 166. Lots of big-headed puppets though, so that counts for something I guess. More funny video here, including a chat with Mother Sheehan along the way.

By the way, get a load of the peace activists just rescued from one of the head-chopping gangs in Iraq. That's right, rescued, thanks to information gained from two terrorists captured by coalition forces only hours before. Far from thanking the dreaded western rescuers, the group insulted them instead by stating that the 3 activists had been "released." Why all the screaming that "Bush Lied!" when nobody ever points to a real example (beyond rhetorical misdirection), but when these folks lie blatantly, the same truth commandos are all silent? Doesn't seem very "progressive" if you ask me.

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