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Saturday, March 04, 2006

eorge W. "Hitler" -- aka Julius W. Caesar, apparently -- had better just take his neo-con cabal and get out of Dodge before the 15th of this month, or else. That's the message from United for Peace and Justice in announcing their plans to "take the White House by storm" on that date:
Storm the White House
Multi-Day Event, Beginning March 15, come when you can and stay as long as you can - we are taking over the White House until they leave.
Wednesday, March 15th 2006 12:00 AM
Be there at 12 am, or be square I guess. Is that 12 am midnight or 12 am noon? A little confusing perhaps, but not nearly as confusing as the new "party" formed to assume government after the revolution, which is inviting all revolutionaries to storm the White House the following Monday:
3-20-06, 12:00 noon
Storm the White House Protests at U.N. Offices Worldwide and in Washington D.C.
Now there's some tight coordination for you. Too bad these folks weren't in power to handle Katrina, eh? But at least the people who overthrow the government on the 20th will have the advantage over the ones who hold their revolution on the 15th -- they'll know to arrive at 12 noon! And here's the funny part: the people who will revolt on the 20th, are the ones whose web page is linked with the title "Ides of March 2006" (look on their right sidebar). Also note that the email contact for both invitations (it's RSVP after all), is the same person.

UFPJ states that this direct action is...
For Nat Turner, For Martin and Coretta, For all the Torture and Assassination in Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and many others - We will not allow the Slave Holders that Still Prevail in this Country to Rule us any longer.
Capitalization as original, which makes me wonder why, if these folks are convinced that capitalism is so thoroughly evil, they love capitalization so much. Isn't that why true radicals always use only the egalitarian lower case of brotherhood, eschewing even the fascist favouritism of unfairly privileged first words in sentences?

So what will Americans do after the government is overthrown, and Bu$h, Cheney and Rummy are marched off to jail? UFPJ hints at the plan:
The Political Cooperative will put a new, temporary government in place that is comprised of people from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and all the organizations that have finally made us aware of the truth of the savage practices and illegal policies of our government in assassinating our own officials as well as people throughout the world who oppose their criminal activity.
Over on the site of the new Political Cooperative which will subsequently assume power, there's an urgent email action going on. Send email to all member states personally -- such as france@un.int, germany@un.int and so on, appealing with an urgent "S.O.S." demanding assistance in removing "US Torture Criminals". Don't forget to send one to China!

For some reason this reminds me of the people who endeavoured to levitate the Pentagon, bringing peace and light to the world, 30-some-odd years ago. It didn't exactly work as advertised then either, but how better to draw supporters to your cause than to announce your intention to accomplish the ridiculous? I admit that I thought the Pentagon levitation idea was cool at the time, but that was a very long time ago. Times have changed, and where a mass levitation direct action had the commendable attribute of being "light 'n airy, nothin' scary," the upcoming revolution seems conceptually patterned after the "storming of the Bastille."

In light of last weekend's unambiguous calls to arms by Belafonte and Farrakhan at the State of the Black Union event, I detect a whiff of pandering to the strong response Harry received there, when he asked his audience if they were willing to die for his cause, and exhorted them to get out in the streets and do it. I'll be curious to see whether Harry shows up for this storming, for "Nat Turner, For Martin and Coretta." With his volunteer forces.

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