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Sunday, February 26, 2006
* updated *

-SPAN'S Brian Lamb will interview Glenn Reynolds, the intrepid InstaPundit, on the next Q & A program. Broadcast times are, EST: 8 11 pm Sunday the 26th, and 6 am on the 27th (5 8 pm, 3 am on the west coast!), or on the universal scale, GMT: 0100, 0400, 1100 Monday the 27th. Over here we have access to C-SPAN on the WorldNet channel via AsiaSat 2 through most of the weekend, but it reverts to Mandarin, Uzbek, Azeri, etc. programming at 7 on Monday morning. So I've never actually seen Q & A but Brian Lamb is a great interviewer, the best of the Washington Journal moderators, in my opinion.

Fortunately C-SPAN makes most of its material available to watch at its website. At the Q & A homepage linked above, the program will be available to watch for a week. I notice that Glenn hasn't mentioned it on his blog, and he normally does that when he gets time on tv. Expecially with the new book coming out! Reynolds will talk about blogging, its influence on politics and media, new technology and the enabling of individuals, and probably his new book, An Army of Davids, or "How markets and technology empower ordinary people to beat big media, big government, and other Goliaths." Heh.

UPDATE: Video is here, transcript is here, and for Real Player the direct path is here. It looks like their past programs are available permanently, right here, so I was wrong about that. Wai The Mountaintop Report, who I suspect simply tinkered with the url's to find these -- they're not indexed yet on the site. New technology is empowering ordinary people to watch the program before it's even broadcast. Heh, indeed.

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