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Thursday, February 16, 2006

ongressman Curt Weldon has worked long and hard for it, and now his efforts have borne fruit. For the first time, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer has testified under oath on the Able Danger data mining program(s), along with others involved in identifying Mohammed Atta and three other 9/11 terrorists prior to Sept. 11, 2001. Rep. Weldon says that further witnesses have come forward, and that he has also received information that some of the pre-Sept. 11 "data sets" still exist -- despite previous Defence Dept. claims that they had been destroyed. Someone who still has access to the data has furnished him with this information. Within the past few weeks, the surviving pre-Sept. 11 data had been queried by Weldon's informant, and it came back with 13 hits for Mohammed (or Muhammed) Atta.

Thus it has been proven that Lt. Col Shaffer and others have been telling the truth, despite Defence Dept. attempts to silence and smear them. Shaffer also has physical proof that he met with the 9/11 Commission's chief investigator, Phillip Zelikow (who has been denying it). When this stuff all gets properly aired, it will be a severe indictment on the performance of this vaunted "blue ribbon" commission, which deemed the Able Danger revelations to have been "historically insignificant." Another blockbuster will be the fact that, not only could these intel efforts have potentially prevented the Sept. 11 attacks (according to Clinton's FBI chief Louis Freeh), but they certainly would have prevented the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole, in which 17 sailors lost their lives.

The folks at Able Danger Blog are doing a fantastic job keeping on top of this. See in particular a transcript of Rep. Weldon's press conference on the day before his committee hearing. I tried to find video for it on the C-SPAN site, to no avail. But he was interviewed the same day on Washington Journal, ostensibly to talk about military spending. Thanks to the callers for being more interested in hearing about Able Danger. The interview is 30 minutes, and requires Real Player for that link to work.

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