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Monday, April 03, 2006

t's been a tit-for-tat toon tiff between the two neighbours, following Australian asylum for a group of West Papuans fleeing their home in small boats. In addition to anti-Australia demonstrations in Jakarta, the daily paper, Rakyat Merdeka ("Freedom's People") upped the ante in the scribblers' tussle, when its cartoonist depicted PM Howard and FM Downer as a pair of randy dingoes really getting to know each other, while Howard makes an ecstatically imperialist claim to Indonesian territory.

The Australian lobbed back with it's own art-illery this weekend, but denied accusations that it was President Yudhoyono who'd been depicted screwing the Papuan. I don't see any resemblance, but the president's office issued an offended statement. John Howard's response was along the lines of, "Why should I be offended by a cartoon?"

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