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Friday, April 21, 2006

rom Gateway Pundit comes the news that (what a shocker!) Mother Sheehan has a bit of trouble with the truth.

Apparently stung by questions as to why her son Casey continues to rest in an unmarked grave, despite his mother's burgeoning celebrity lifestyle filled with international travel and book tours, she recently hit back with some outlandish claims about her son's shabby treatment at the hands of his military comrades, and his own government. She says that he was shipped home in a cardboard box, which was unloaded with a forklift -- treated basically like an oversized piece of luggage. She blames her mortuary for his lack of a headstone, claiming they failed to pay the cemetary.

The only problem here, as Gateway finds through diligent investigation, is that none of this is true. None of it. If this episode doesn't tarnish the aspiring saint's halo, then she has attained truly impermeable progressive icon status. And if her adoring mass media fanclub have anything to say about it (by not saying anything about this, of course), that's exactly what will happen. On to the next event! Last week she was carrying a "heavy" 12 pound cross across the fields of Crawford, Texas. What can one say? What a trooper.

Read Gateway Pundit's terrific expose, and then tell me you still trust Mother Sheehan.

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