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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

ith Canadian Forces getting more involved in fighting the Taliban remanants in southern Afghanistan, the Canadian people are being warned to get ready for casualties. If there is any doubt that either the Taliban or Iraq based terrorists are well informed about the open debates taking place in the US (and now in Canada) over the war, Taliban officials have made clear that they are well informed indeed. They believe Canadians are too weak, as a people, to sustain the struggle. Spokesman Qari Yuosaf Ahmedi, speaking in Kandahar to Canadian Press:
As suicide attacks and roadside blasts increase, the public will quickly grow weary, he said.

“We think that when we kill enough Canadians they will quit war and return home,” Mr. Ahmedi said in an interview, conducted through a translator, over a satellite telephone.

Given the fact troops are already deployed, Mr. Ahmedi suggested Monday's House of Commons debate as a sign of indecision among Canadians.
From what I can gather, it sounds like the Canadian public is almost evenly split on the Afghan mission. The Taliban was well aware of yesterday's Commons debate, and probably know more about what transpired in the House than I do. The Islamists gambled 5 years ago that America was a paper tiger, and wouldn't respond to their attack. They didn't bet on George Bush. Now Afghanistan is well on the way to becoming a normal country, and Canada is pulling its weight in the protection of that continuing process. Jihadists are now betting that Canada is a paper cougar, as they watch and listen to our internal debate. I hope we'll prove them wrong in their distain for our resolve as well.

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