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Friday, April 21, 2006

second the motion. Michelle Malkin is fearless. She stands head and shoulders above all the phony "radicals" who hate her so much they can barely think straight. And I mean all of them put together.

Point one: Michelle Malkin honours the American military, and their sacrifices for their country. There's nothing wrong with that. Once upon a time, this was something most Americans could agree on.

Point two: Following a recent court decision, military recruiters are to be permitted on college campuses which receive federal funding. Refusal to admit the recruiting officers -- who obviously can't force anyone to join the volunteer army -- can result in the stoppage of said federal funding. Michelle reported on a recent incident at University of California Santa Cruz, when an ad hoc group ("Students Against War") harassed military recruiters and forced them off campus. The SAW published a press release outlining their aims and goals in this activity, which goes against the policy of UCSC (which of course, hopes to keep its federal funding intact). The SAW press release was published on many radical left websites, such as indymedia, where it still can be found to this day. The release contains several names of SAW contact people for further information, and their telephone numbers.

Point three: Michelle Malkin published the full press release on her website -- something she frequently does for groups with which she disagrees.

Point four: Enraged members of the "reality based community" launch their attack against Malkin. Her home phone number is posted far and wide on the "unhinged" portions of cyberspace, with shrill calls to harass her. Her home street address is posted in the same venues. Satellite photos of her neighbourhood, with handy directions to her house, are also posted. Michelle, no stranger to receiving obscene, racist and misogynistic emails and death threats, sees a sharp uptick in threatening emails and phone calls. This is considered retaliation for her publishing the SAW press release, complete with the phone numbers. I repeat: the full release continues to be available on "progressive" websites.

This is what they call "progressive?" Why do they hate this young Filipina-American mother with such passion? She's young, so she's supposed to be a "progressive liberal." She's a woman, so she really ought to be a "progressive liberal." And, she's a young woman of colour, so she definitely needs to be a "progressive liberal."

But she is a conservative with strong views, and so she is a "traitor to the cause." The racism and hatred (you wouldn't believe the sick, vile attacks she gets) is thusly justified, or so the rationale goes. As an apostate myself, I'm curious which one makes the "progressives" madder -- someone who leaves the fold through serious thought and consideration, or someone who never joined it when they were supposed to. It's enough to remind one of the difficulties people have getting out of Islam, if they choose to.

One thing is for sure. The cowardly creeps harassing Michelle, apparently in the hopes of forcing her to pull her children from their schools and find a new place to live, have no moral ground to stand on. They are in a pit, and still digging. And that's why she remains head and shoulders over all of them.

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