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Friday, June 09, 2006
a perfect couple
Made for each other.

eactions to the targeted killing of a mass murderer, along with a number of his fellow mass murderers, have been interesting to say the least. It seems that the father of one who had his head sawed off by these pigs was in high demand on the interview circuit yesterday. Even being well familiarised with the views of Michael Berg, it was shocking to hear him practically mourn the death of Zarqawi ("He was a person too, y'know.") Sorry, Mr. Berg, but that thug left his humanity behind a long time ago. That's him posing at left with fellow traveller Mother Sheehan. Great shot. Did you know he's running for office this year?

If you think you could stand it, you ought to listen to this radio interview with him, and if you still haven't had enough, view this video, both from Ian at Expose the Left. It is simply beyond any understanding how a father can have such sympathy for the murderer of his own child, and such hatred for those who bring that murderer to a just end. Er, just like Cindy. Absolute moral authority, eh? Not even close. But what a couple they make. Wai to Ian also, for the photo.

I wonder if Zarqawi will, with the help of such "radicals," achieve the "radical" hero status of "Che." Will there be pampered western worshippers of "radical" chic in 15 or 20 years, marching for justice and truth under banners carrying the noble visage of a guy who slunk through the shadows between his hiding places, leaving a trail of severed heads and bits of human gristle in his wake? We'll see I guess.

Contrast that grieving father with someone whose own wedding celebration was blown to pieces by the very same piece of inhuman garbage. It happened in Amman, Jordan, and it killed more than 30 people:
A Jordanian whose wedding turned into a bloodbath in a bombing claimed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said on Thursday the killing of the al Qaeda leader in Iraq was "heavenly justice".


"I received the news like anyone who has suffered from the calamities of terrorism," Akhras told Reuters in Kuwait, his home for the past two months. "I felt God has brought His heavenly justice on earth today."

The dead included his father and both his wife's parents.

"Time may heal something simple, but what happened to us was big," he said. "I don't remember it as my wedding day, it's a day in which the eyes of Amman turned black and cried.

"I can't describe how I feel," he said, tears in his eyes.
Now that's more like it -- some genuine human emotion instead of the idiotic grandstanding of the previous example. Wai to Donald Sensing at Winds of Change (and do read his fine essay as well). And a further wai to Blue Crab Boulevard for pointing to that one.

I must also direct you to Hitchens' thoughts on this milestone event, who has some interesting and little reported background on the ex-jihadi. He sums things up this way:
If we had withdrawn from Iraq already, as the "peace" movement has been demanding, then one of the most revolting criminals of all time would have been able to claim that he forced us to do it. That would have catapulted Iraq into Stone Age collapse and instated a psychopathic killer as the greatest Muslim soldier since Saladin. As it is, the man is ignominiously dead and his dirty connections a lot closer to being fully exposed. This seems like a good day's work to me.
Exactly right. A good day's work, but it isn't over yet. The alternative he posits is precisely what the "quit now" crowd wanted to achieve. Iraq is not Vietnam, but they want to make it so. Iraqi people are celebrating, while the western "radical" left pouts and questions the timing. What more can be said.

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