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Monday, May 22, 2006
Dr. Wang Wenyi
Dr. Wang Wenyi: spoke truth to power

he Gecko and I were fortunate enough to catch this C-SPAN broadcast yesterday afternoon, and we may have been the only warm or cold blooded beings to have done so -- given that the time was 6:10 am on a Sunday morning for Americans on the East coast (or unless some westcoast late-nite partiers caught it by accident between 3 and 4 in the morning). It's a shame, because Americans need to see and hear this.

To refresh your memory, Dr. Wang is another of those courageous women of our world, who took the opportunity to speak uncomfortable truths to President Hu Jintao during his White House welcome ceremony a month ago. His communist government is accused of harvesting organs from live banks of "donors" kept in camps across the county -- Falun Gong detainees which this government has previously vowed to "exterminate." I wrote about this issue here, and later found a radio interview with Dr. Wang (links here).

The Press Club moderator mentioned that only club members would be able to view the video at their website -- others would need to buy a copy if they wished to see it. So it was good to see that C-SPAN has it available at their site, but it will be up for only 15 days. The session is 47 minutes, and includes some question and answer time, as well as a statement by Michael Horowitz of the Hudson Institute, who seems pretty well informed on the issue.

Notice right at the end of the meeting, when the moderator has some trouble with one fellow insisting to ask something, despite the stipulation that questions would only be taken from Club members or accredited press. He made a bit of a scene, and tried to approach Dr. Wang at the end of the session, getting into a real shouting match with the moderator. I don't know how much of this will be included on the web video, but I've never seen something like that at an NPC event. More than likely there would have been Chinese government agents present (it was stated that their embassy had tried to halt the event), but this guy wasn't them. Maybe he writes for the Socialist Worker or something.

Anyway, here is a direct link to the video (real video format). For goodness sake, watch it.

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