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Saturday, April 29, 2006

n that old classic book, Black Elk Speaks, the world got its last direct glimpse into the world of the Lakota Sioux as they had always lived it. Black Elk was a very old Lakota man in the 1930's, telling the tales of his own elders. One vivid scene has come to mind in the last few years (I don't have the book anymore), when Black Elk recounts a defense of the tribe against attackers, or some sort of warrior action. Defense of the village, the warriors mount with cries of, "It's a good day to die! It's a good day to fight, and die!"

The day can come suddenly, the village is global. One minute you're snoozing into your routine flight, the next minute you're called to heroic sacrifice in defense of the village. You know exactly what's at stake, thanks to the quirk of a long delay getting off the tarmac. You know it's a war now, and you are the first warriors. That was United 93.

The film has started to open now, and it doesn't seem like there's been much more of the "too soon!" reactions. Maybe that was overblown from a few events. A good companion reading for the film -- "On hallowed ground" -- the place where those first warriors lay. It's a masterpiece by Dave Barry, with some pics of the site. Reading it before seeing the film, would be a good idea. But sorry, there ain't nothin' funny here.

Wai to Rand Simberg who has an interview with U93's Director Greengrass.

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