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Friday, May 05, 2006

bu Musab, the Zarkman recently released some video that was the talk of the globe for a few days, showing his face for once and acting all heroic mujahideen-like. Taking the pose of noble freedom fighter while squeezing off a few rounds from an impressive looking weapon make for good jihadi video, and good worldwide jihadi morale.

The US military had this video before al Jazeera did -- it was gathered up in a terrorist hideout south of Baghdad, in one of several incidents which featured shoot-outs between al Qaeda and American forces, resulting in a large number of dead terrorists. But there's a difference between the tape seized by the Americans, and the one broadcast to the Arab masses. And now you too, can view portions of Abu Musab, Uncut, Unplugged and Unprofficient.

Wai to Allah Pundit at Hot Air (check that out, lots of good links on the story).

SEE! secrets the mujahideen wanted to keep hidden! SEE! Abu Musab jam his gun in full heroic stance, and call for help like a pansy! SEE! his lowly sidekick offering assistance! HEAR! actual single shots from the gun, and MARVEL! at the jubilant cries of, "Allah hu Akbar! The Emir has shot his gun, Allah be praised!" WITNESS! the defiant scoff to the filthy infidels, as Abu Musab swings his powerful weapon's aim across the chest of faithful comrade, who takes the gun from him and avoids further danger! BE AMAZED! as faithful comrade returns the weapon of righteous wrath to faithful comrade number two, who accepts it in time-honoured fashion by gripping the hot barrel, and burns himself! Fighting for Allah is dangerous business, but these guys have it covered!

Multi-National Forces Iraq have put the best "out takes" up for your perusal. The two files are about 10 Mbytes combined, and should be viewed in sequence (Windows Media format).

Part I: Zarkman can't shoot his gun, calls for help from idiots

Part II: Zarkman shoots a few rounds! Still surrounded by idiots though

Watch closely at the end of Part II for the scene of Habib burning himself, Allah be praised.

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