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Monday, August 07, 2006

bout a week ago, I taped a 9/11 conspiracists' symposium broadcast overnight on C-SPAN, and have just had a chance to view it. I will not give any promotion to Alex Jones and his fellow loons with a direct link, but you could find it easily with a search at C-SPAN, if you really want to.

Jones has been making films about the 9/11 "conspiracy" (and is due to release another one), while fellow travellers Dylan Avery and Korey Rowe are busy these days promoting their own "expose" called Loose Change (now at Version 2.1). Here is a sample (about 9 min.) of what these guys sound like as they troll the nether regions of the talk radio circuit, touting their investigations (warning: graphic images and rough language):

If you don't have a fast connection (which I don't either), hit the pause and let it load first so you can view it smoothly. These clips have been annotated by videographer Mark Iradian so as to demonstrate to the ... shall we say, less than fully attentive sections of the public, the blatant lies these conspiracists are peddling. This is the first of five short videos in a series -- wai to Allahpundit, where you may view the other four parts. Or visit Mark's YouTube page for more fine debunking of these kooks. Included is a twelve part dissection of Loose Change itself, aptly titled "Screw Loose Change" -- in honour of the very fine Screw Loose Change blog. Although I must say that in listening to these bozos on talk shows, it's not so much having a screw or two loose, but not having any screws fully tightened.

But just hold on a minute before rushing over there and diving into the full-blown silliness of the conspiracy crowd. Take a deep breath, centre yourself, and think back to where you were at the time of those terrorist attacks. Remember how you felt, what you thought about. Then watch this with your full attention, right through to the end. Again, thanks and a big wai to Allahpundit at Hot Air: Kevin Cosgrove’s 911 call from the World Trade Center.

Alright, one more thing while you attempt to understand the enemy, quell your rage, reach for a tissue or ponder whatever else your unique personal response might have been to this clip -- and this is the most important one. Watch Obesssion. The whole thing is now available on Google Video, so watch it. Please. If you have a connection like mine (slightly broad-ish band only), pause it and leave it to load for a few hours or whatever is necessary, and watch it straight through - about an hour 17 minutes. I guarantee you'll learn something important that you didn't know before. Appearances by newsmakers past and present, from Herr Hitler and his good buddy and ally the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, to the latest performers including Sheikh Nasralllah (albeit prior to his newest starring role these past few weeks). All people who have aspirations for human civilisation to survive on this planet, need to watch this film.

More info, and better quality clips too, are available at the film's website.

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