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Thursday, January 04, 2007

he founder of the video-blog Hot Air, Michelle Malkin is heading to Iraq along with fellow Hot Air blogger Bryan Preston. They will be embedded with the US military under accreditation from the New York Post. I can't wait for the picture of Michelle having breakfast in the mess hall with the troops. She's bound to be a more popular meal companion than you-know-who.

Actually Michelle had been invited by Eason Jordan to join him over there in digging up the truth of Jamil Hussein, the Iraqi "police official" who was the source for over 60 AP stories (including the recent tale of Sunni Muslims burned alive by a gang in the streets) for which there is no other corroboration, and of whom Iraqi officials have said does not exist. While AP stonewalls on providing any evidence of their source's existence, their defence amounts to little more than, "You have to trust us, we're the AP."

Michelle and Bryan will be posting reports and video from the field, and I expect we'll be able to hear and see and read about things which the pop media just doesn't have the time or inclination for. Such as, for example, anything good being done by coalition forces. It will be almost guaranteed to get Michelle's foaming critics all tied up in knots, such as the idiot (I think it was on Wonkette) who, upon hearing of her earlier plan to go with Mr. Jordan, fervently wished that she wouldn't come back. There are some sick people out there.

But there is one thing Michelle's critics and fans should be able to agree on now. She's definitely got b - - - s. Heh, figuratively, of course. Stay safe you two, and please give the men and women over there our highest regards. They're doing something important, it's incredibly difficult, and they don't get nearly enough praise for it. It will be great to be able to hear more of what they think of the situation, and of their own efforts, in their own words.

And if you're lucky, you might also solve the mystery of Captain Jamil Hussein.

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