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Thursday, January 04, 2007

ith a complete lack of progress in determining who was behind the bomb attacks on New Year's Eve, something begins to smell fishy. The director of the Central Institute of Forensic Science lashed out at police the other day, for barring her team from collecting evidence at the Pratunam site, and allowing street cleaners to sweep away the evidence. Unbelievable! (though, not really) Chairman of the National Security Council, Sonthi Boonyaratgalin had ordered her to collect evidence for investigation, and the police obstruct her. Could there be elements in the police force who do not wish to solve the crime? There were signals on Sunday evening that the military had less than full confidence in the police force to handle the situation, and cooperate well with the military personel, now once again on Bangkok's streets. This incident seems to confirm those concerns.

A number of bomb threats have been conveyed to shopping centres, schools and other public locations during yesterday and today, including a threat to the Nation Group headquarters, publisher of one of the English language newspapers. The caller was said to have been disappointed with The Nation's news coverage which he deemed to be negative towards the currently exiled tycoon-in-chief, former PM Thaksin. No actual bombs have been found in any of these hoaxes, although one person is said to be under arrest for one of the false bomb report incidents.

It's been four days since the attacks, and we have been given a lot of speculation and opinion, with little evidence at all. I'd like to see a comparative analysis of these recent bomb compositions, with the supposed car-bomb which supposedly was to target Thaksin last year. The component parts were present in the car, but not even wired up. A harmless "car-bomb" which drove around Thaksin's neighbourhood for hours one morning, seemingly trawling for a policeman to finally stop it and investigate. That case hasn't been solved yet either, as far as I know, and is widely thought to have been a ploy by Thaksin himself to play for sympathy, in the midst of the political confusion between last year's illegitimate April election and the September coup.

Those injured on Sunday night are reportedly making good progress, and thankfully it looks like the number of lives lost will not go beyond three. But patience is quickly running out for some progress in finding out who did it.

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