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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ere is a bit of video I captured today from the broadcast of Democratic Voice of Burma on the subject of the recent report by Human Rights Watch, which details the forcible conscription, and the buying and selling of children as young as 10, for the purposes of bolstering the half-million strong Burma army -- the twelfth largest in the world.

As I noted last week, the regime denies all charges. Several years ago they set up a special high-level commission to study the problem... and to deny all charges. Actually, it devoted itself entirely to the denial, and none to the study part. Well here's some visual proof.

I don't (yet) speak Burmese, but I left the original narration so readers could hear how it sounds. Apologies to Burmese readers for editing without regard to the voice-overs -- I wanted to trim it down to just the pictures of the kids.

Kids who should not be forced to carry a gun "as tall as I am."


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