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Saturday, February 02, 2008

hai voters were given the offer in December, and they took it. Now Americans are also given the chance to vote for Hill, and get Bill thrown in at no extra charge. Let's relive the sizzling '90's!

Although Billy Jeff's race-baiting of his wife's opponent has drawn some criticism and opened a few rifts among their progressive constituents, the race for leadership of the love and harmony party is a close one. The race card and the gender card are both on the table, but no one yet knows which is trump. The get-one-free card might just trump both, and much interest would be expected to focus on the prospect of sending BJ back to the White House with nothing much to do (read the whole thing!). Good times, good times.

There seems to be very little policy difference between the Dem front runners (both seem determined to hand Iraq over to the goons who mass murdered innocents by blowing up a couple of mentally handicapped women yesterday), so an offer of two presidents for the price of one could become a determining factor.

The question of the year was asked of Hillary during a gala event (complete with the inexplicable paparazzi moment) before a packed house of adoring cultural elites at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. And the award for best performance in a supporting cackle goes to...

Wai Bryan of Hot Air.


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