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Saturday, March 15, 2008

ome video footage and stills have begun to filter out of Tibet following Friday's violent uprising against Chinese rule (which is continuing today despite assurances that calm had returned this morning). Surprisingly, much of the following footage comes via China state television, which is blocking foreign broadcasts on these events. They know that they cannot prevent China's people from knowing about it, but are spinning hard to blame the violent unrest solely on instigation of the "Dalai group." As I said earlier, Tibetans are the Dalai group. There is almost no one in the "Communist Party group" there.

These images were broadcast on Al Jazzeera today.

China admits at least 10 deaths, but Tibetan sources put the toll closer to 100. Chinese troops definitely opened fire on demonstrators, but the Party Secretary of Tibet assured that no such thing happened. Tibetans don't trust him -- he once said that the Communist Party was the true Buddha of Tibet.

A new article is coming soon.
[There were problems with the video earlier, now fixed]

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