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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

esterday (March 18) Tibetans in Amdo Bora district of Sangchu County, Kanlho "Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture" in what is now Gansu province of China, held a prayer ceremony which then turned into protest against Chinese rule. Hundreds of local people raised freedom slogans and waved the banned Tibetan national flags.
The crowd before heading towards the County government headquarter, went to the Bora Primary and Middle School in the County. Later the protesting crowd barged into the two schools and brought down the Chinese flag hoisted in the school's compound and replaced it with the banned Tibetan national flags. Soon after the protestors headed towards the county government headquarter shouting pro-independence slogans. According to sources, three truckloads of People's Armed Police were brought into the area to control the crowd as reinforcement. As protestors neared their destination, the security forces fired numbers of tear gas shells into the protesting crowd from heading towards the county government headquarter. At the time of filing this information, the crowd had already dispersed.

Narration by Tony Cheng of Al Jazeera.

UPDATE: The video was shot by a Canadian news team from CTV, with reporter Steve Chao. Story here, photo gallery here, CTV broadcast report here:

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