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Sunday, April 06, 2008

eceived in comments, this needs to go on the main page. Once again, these are unverified due to China's tight information controls and expulsions of journalists. It came in at about half past midnight last night, but it was not seen till this morning.

Information received from [names removed]:

April 5: Kham Tawo (Ch: Dafu), Sichuan, Monks from Nyatso Monastery have been performing a religious rites and today culminates the end of the ritual and had to perform Torgak (propitiation). Chinese securities prohibited monks from performing the ritual outside the monastery. Knowing that local people wanted to be part of the ritual so, 400 strong horsemen marched to the monastery (that was already surrounded by soldiers). Soldier threatened to shot if monks come out of the monastery, but supported by local people monks were able to carry the Torgak ritual out of the monastery. Around 1000 local people joined and when soldiers confronted the gathering, people started protesting, shouting slogans such as 'Long Live His Holiness the Dalai Lama' 'We want freedom' and 'His Holiness should return to Tibet'.

At that moment soldiers fired on the crowed, hitting 10 people. 3 were seriously wounded and locals had to take them to hospital in China. these three were: Tsewang, Dhonhup and Gyaltsen. There is no report of arrest. They had carried out religious ritual and protest today between 12 - 5 PM.

Source: [identifiers removed] (he called his home in Achok township today)

Achok township, Sanchu County: On April 3rd, about 200 truck loads of soldiers came to the township and surrounded Achok monastery. About 15 monks were arrested. In total about 30 monks from Achok Monastery are in prison.

The monk told me that he could not get through to monks in the monastery so spoke to local people. They told him that the situation is grave and is repression is increasingly desperate. Even though monks and local people had carried out peaceful protest, they had to suffer so much. They are appealing to everyone to pressure so that the situation would change.

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