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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

continuation of the video report by Radio Free Asia journalist Wei Si (a pseudonym) which I posted here last night. Wei Si travelled the 400 kilometres from Dartsedo to Kardze, and collected this documentation in Dawu County, Kham (Ch: Sichuan). As with the first video, I'm pretty sure that this article is a translation of the script:Tibet, China: Dialogue is crucial, says lama « RFA Unplugged (this was done for RFA's Mandarin Service).

Wei Si was apparently questioned by authorities a number of times, and feared arrest for taking these pictures. This certainly took guts, and a deep Wai is called for. Here's a short quote from the text.
"Things are really very tough for Tibetans at the moment," one lama says. "We are not free, and it was inevitable that there would be a backlash. Beijing," he says, "has changed a lot of things in the lives of Tibetans – our cultural activities, the way we live our lives, the economy. It’s as if they want to change who we are completely," he says.

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