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Saturday, May 17, 2008

'm taking the family upcountry today for the long weekend here in Thailand (Visaka Bucha Day is Monday), so there won't be any posts until next week. The boys need to play and run free through the mango trees.

In the meantime I'll leave some links here for Sichuan earthquake relief donations. The news has just gotten worse for both the cyclone disaster and the earthquake. At least 200,000 are now believed to have perished in Burma, which puts it at least on a par with the Aceh disaster from the 2004 tsunami -- and likely worse. The "Save Burma" link on the sidebar takes you to a cyclone relief donation page for Save the Children Fund. This is one international aid agency which already has hundreds of local staff in place in all the affected areas, and they are getting work done despite the difficulties the junta is causing.

The Sichuan earthquake is believed to have taken at least 50,000 lives. The Chinese government is accepting international help. The Tibet Foundation has set up a fund, and donations through that channel may be made here. Mercy Corps is also a good organisation, and they're taking relief donations here.

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