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Saturday, May 10, 2008

urma actually has a massive army to do this sort of thing, but apparently they're all busy doing other sorts of things right now.

Here are some scenes broadcast yesterday and today by Democratic Voice of Burma's satellite transmission. After Cyclone Nargis struck one week ago, it was the monks who came forward to get things organised, clear some of the transportation routes, and provide shelter in their monasteries for the displaced. One will not see any scenes like this on Burma's state-run television, though they're happening all across Rangoon and elsewhere.

What you would see on state television are the men-in-green posing with a few selected survivors, while handing over a single nondescript box of no apparent weight, and not letting go of it until all the photos are taken. And maybe a couple of uniforms dragging some branches around outside. But for sure, lots of hype about today's referendum, and warnings about "foreign interference."

Junta television loves using screen messages, like the ones that say "Beware, Sky-full of liars!" (referring to BBC, VOA, etc.) The new recurring screen says, "Let us all who oppose foreign interference and manipulation; oppose puppet government with strings of colonialists. Vote Yes."



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