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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

o you remember?

In case anyone forgot,
a re-enactment was conducted yesterday.
Monday April 27, 2009
It's been just over 7 ½ years.

A jumbo in Manhattan, pursued hotly by an Air Force fighter F-16, made several rounds of the NYC landmarks.
Photo: AP

Why would New Yorkers panic when they saw this White House "photo opportunity" starring Air Force One, with no warning?
(Something like: "Attention students: We will be having a fire drill this morning.")
It wasn't a drill that morning.

No forgetting.
A lot of city people saw what happened then.

But somebody forgot.
A whole chain of someones forgot.

The Falling Man
(center left, above)
[long essay, good reading]


nfliction of panic, by cluelessness. It was a case of mass cluelessness-boarding, using ineptitude rather than water on the face to trigger the panic reflex. (Would it also be: 10 seconds of panic application can count as "one instance", as it is with the water?)

Was it torture? Inadvertent torture? They're off the hook because they didn't mean to? The irony is thick on this one.

It's as though there are fraternity boys doing things on their own — for nobody to have said, "Wait a minute, this isn't such a good idea." ? — but it's hard to imagine someone this clueless. Too young to remember? It reminds me of the frat-boy Obama speech-writer performing suggestive acts on a lifesize Hillary Clinton cutout. Whose words yet grace the screen of TOTUS.

Barack is mad about this, and he'd better be. Most people don't forget.

But someone will fall on a sword, the buck will stop well away from Truman's "here", and the networks will now double down on their swine flue fever. Wasn't induced fright on this scale very newsworthy when Orson Welles did it for "War of the Worlds"?

Not a day has passed in seven-plus years, I think, that an airplane has flown low enough overhead that I could hear it, even just barely, and I didn’t look up.
Some of the die-hard followers, who really do view Obama as a conquering messiah rather than a politician, are panicking. It's only one bozo, I know, but here's the opening of one commenter's missive upon a Wall Street Journal report.
All you banksters are hilarious.

Here’s what actually happened.

Some of your bosses have been trying to play hardball with Obama.

They — and you — just got a wakeup call: a friendly reminder who wears the pants around here, and who HOPES they can find a CHANGE of pants right about now.
He seems to follow a vengeful mafia messiah of the imagination, and has even more to say about the "last banksters still standing". For people like this, it's two opposing teams, "banksters" and "hopechange" in this case. The people who got shocked into panic are the former, and he's on the latter team. It's competing teams, like in sports, and "We Won! Eat It!"

Which is an attitude often found in frat-boy-ism, too, I think. Guys like that forget too easy. Gibbsy, and Janet the wingnut-huntress, were struck practically speechless — "I... I... I don't know..." (Gibbs starting 1:45 at the link).


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