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Monday, June 15, 2009

ne of the most famous racist hate-mongers in the world stole an election yesterday, if even a fraction of the reports from Iran are to be believed. Bigotry seems to be riding quite high lately. Or maybe it's all coincidence.

I recorded some video from satellite last night of the protests in Tehran, intending to put it up here, but that scene and many others have already been posted by freedom-seeking Iranians. These and the latest updates from the streets can be found at Tehran Bureau (and a new page for Sunday here). Lots more on the situation here.

Change For Iran is twittering the street protests, and this feed is updating too fast to even keep up with.

As I write this, more scenes from today are coming over AP. Massive crowds are overwhelming what appears to be pro-government thugs trying to disperse them by roaring motorcycles through the mass. It's not working. Thugs and police are getting the worst of it. Motorcycle bonfires at the end of it. Wow. Counter-revolution?


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