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Friday, March 10, 2006
'God Bless Hitler'
Muslim cartoon protesters uphold the honour of the Prophet Adolph


t had occured to me in recent weeks that there was an incongruity at play on the world's media stage. While there is no shortage of issues that one would expect to be sticking points in the evident alliance between the radical Left and radical Islamists -- say for example, a woman's right to choose (and I mean choose anything, not just abortions), acceptance of alternative lifestyles, questioning authority, fascist theocracy and other such minor matters, these issues can apparently be papered over with ease. But what of the long-running gag of the radical Left which equates the hated USA with Nazi Germany, and the standard issue protest signs that say "Bu$h = Hitler!"?

As we see in the accompanying photograph, taken at one of the cartoon protests in recent weeks in one of those democratic countries which guarantee free expression (as long as it doesn't offend somebody....?), many in the radical Islamist fringe actually admire Hitler. And there is considerable history behind it as well. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was one of Adolph's good pals, and there were all Muslim units in the Nazi army. Indeed, the Lion of Messopotamia, Saddam Hussein himself patterned his Ba'ath Party after the Nazi example. Now with the latest kerfuffle over an American student who recorded his teacher's Bu$h = Hitler rant during geography class, and the recording's widespread dissemination through the internet, radical Islamists are finally beginning to speak out in defence of the Nazi leader's legacy, and against the vile comparison with the Satanic Bush. What used to be available only to the Arabic speaking communities attending Friday sermons in mosques large and small across the Arab world -- and Palestinian television, of course -- is now coming out of the closet. The proletarian news service, The People's Cube, has the scoop.

Cindy marches for fascism
Cindy Sheehan protests with the College Democrats of University of California San Diego, March 3 2006
A warning is in order though. Do not read the People's Broom of Truth if you are easily offended or humour impaired. Code Pinkers and like minded modern revolutionaries are especially cautioned, as there may be unknown side effects upon your PC Lobe. Oh oh, too late. Look out! Here comes Mother Sheehan....

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