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Thursday, August 10, 2006

German TV program has some "behind the scenes" views of Green Helmet Guy in Qana, July 30, 2006:

Also, I think I recognised that same guy at a Lebanese government meeting on Monday or Tuesday. He showed up just briefly, and sure looked like the same guy. Black t-shirt, along with a few other men (I just caught it as the meeting was breaking up, and then the feed ended).

UPDATE: I was sort of rushed with that, two hours ago -- seeing this video as I was about to take someone to the airport. Wai to commenter Geepers in this protein wisdom thread for the notice.

I wasn't very clear above; he was part of a distinct group of men dressed in the same black t-shirts, like a security detail or something. They seemed to have some authority as people milled around after the meeting. Then the camera started pointing at the floor, the ceiling, and the feed stopped. I didn't get a second look at ... that guy ... He needs a new name now, eh? Artists, auteurs.... so many possibilities. Alfred Hitch b'Allah?

UPPERDATE: See also Fauxtography on Parade | NewsBusters.org, and lgf: Directed By Green Helmet Guy, and Hot Air » Hezbollywood.

UPPESTDATE: And full circle back to Goldstein: Green Helmet III: Green Helmet Begins. And this time he's serious.

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