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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

t wasn't a completely new investigative concept, but Britain's Channel 4 undercover investigation into what is really being taught in mainstream, "moderate" British mosques must be shocking for most people. The very institutions lauded by the British government for their tolerance and promotion of inter-faith multiculturalism are shown to be actual hotbeds of radical hatred, extreme Muslim chauvinism, and absolute intolerance of non-Muslims, basic freedoms or democracy. The radical Wahabist brand of Saudi Islam is being propagated from the very places formerly deemed as models of moderate Islamic thinking. I'm aware of one similar undercover project which was done last year by Czech Television, which can be viewed here. It's in Czech with English subtitles, in three parts.

The Channel 4 program Dispatches sent a reporter with hidden camera into some of the most "mainstream" Muslim institutions in Britain, including the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham and the Regent's Park Mosque in London, to see what was being preached by a number of nationally known Islamic leaders. The program will be shocking to many, not so much for others. If you've seen the pictures from London's cartoon protests last year, when placards were brandished which vowed "Behead those who insult Islam," then what you will see below will not surprise you much.

It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: Most normal Muslims do not think this way. In all my years of visiting the most populous Muslim country (Indonesia), I have never found the extreme attitudes which you will see being propagated by these preachers in Britain. I know it exists, and by all accounts is growing through the efforts of radicals like Abu Bakar Ba'asyir. But the overwhelming weight of experiences of this non-Muslim among the normal Muslim majority of Indonesia, are those of gracious generosity, genuine acceptance, and brotherhood. I am grateful to many people there, from dear friends of many years to brief acquaintances met by chance, for being a treasured part of these experiences. The hateful creeps you will see in this video bear no resemblance to them at all.

Hot Air has an edited version of the program, collected by UK correspondent "kasper." I was planning to provide those clips here, until I saw that Charles Johnson had the full program in six parts, provided by another YouTuber "wicksee." He also has a video rebuttal of the Dispatches program from one of its stars, one Abu Usamah, who is American and the most popular English language preacher at the Green Lane Masjid.

To make viewing easier, I've combined them into a playlist.

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