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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Wounded monk
This monk was wounded in the attacks by security forces in Rangoon Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2007
Photo: Democratic Voice of Burma

unta forces stormed at least three Rangoon monasteries overnight, smashing their way in and arresting at least 600 people, according to eyewitness reports relayed by the Irrawaddy News.
Troops and riot police used a vehicle to break down the main gate of Ngwe Kyar Yan monastery. Shots were fired and tear gas used in rounding up about 150 of the monastery’s monks. Soldiers also plundered the monastery, according to eyewitnesses.
Four leading opposition members were also arrested in the city during the night. At around noon today (Burma is a half hour earlier than Bangkok time), tens of thousands of citizens had surrounded troops and police deployed at Ngwe Kyar Yan monastery.
The monastery's walkways were splattered in pools of blood at many locations, indicating the authorities shot or severely beat scores of monks. On Thursday afternoon, one witness said the authorities fired warning shots in an attempt to disperse the hostile crowd. The civilian population of Rangoon is very tense today following the overnight raids on at least three Rangoon monasteries. Sources say up to 700 monks were taken away by security forces to an unknown location.
The monks have been branded in the state media as "extortionists" and "so-called monks." Mizzima News cites local residents of South Okklapah Township as putting the attack at just past midnight, and said four other monasteries were attacked, making it five in all.
"Bleeding monks were forced into a vehicle. They couldn't cover themselves," a local resident told Mizzima.

During the two hour raid last night, monks rang the alarm bell and screamed for help. However, as the army has announced it would shoot, civilians did not dare to come to the aid of monks.

"There were sounds of beating and screaming from the monastery," a local, residing beside the monastery, told Mizzima over telephone.
Protesters have continued their street marches today in spite of the vicious attacks on them yesterday. The strict curfew has been extended to the hours between 6 pm and 6 am. Although reports yesterday said that demonstrators had dispersed and gone home by 6 pm, these monasteries were attacked in the middle of the night. Tens of thousands are confronting junta forces across Rangoon today, especially near Sule Pagoda. Most shops and businesses were closed.
Witnesses said at least two people were injured when security forces fired. One man fell to the ground and was dragged away by soldiers, while protesters were seen carrying another man into a car.

Elsewhere, warning shots were fired as police clashed with the anti-junta crowds in at least three areas in the eastern part of the city, after hundreds of people rushed to protect Buddhist monks who were being hauled away.

At least six truckloads of monks were seen being driven away from their monasteries in what appeared like an attempt to stifle fresh protests in the centre before people had a chance to rally.
Meanwhile, in the "international community" ... nothing concrete since the new US sanctions announced before the violence began. "Outrage" has been voiced and foreign leaders are "deeply troubled." China continues to block meaningful measures at the Security Council. The junta's primary source of just about everything, called for restraint but refused to condemn the crackdown.

Here's a clue -- or rather, just one of the many reasons the Chinese communist government protects these outrageous murderers, Than Shwe and Maung Aye. Take a look at a short video depicting one of the many facets in the relationship between these two totalitarian states. (It's not embeddable, or I'd put it right here -- it's only 7 minutes). This is a subject I wrote about two years ago (it's the first article in a 3 article post).

Burma, by rights, ought to be a thriving, prosperous country with her wealth of natural resources. It's an amazing feat that the Generals have accomplished in the two decades since this current crop came to power (marked by the slaughter of their own people, as they seem ready to do again). They've turned Burma into an absolute basket case, one of the poorest in Asia. The country is being sucked dry of every resource you might be able to think of -- and it's all flowing straight into China at bargain basement prices. And that's why Chinese leaders are willing to lose a little bit of face over this.

BREAKING: Just as I'm about to upload this, come reports that the streets are being emptied following an "ultimatum" from junta forces. Unless the crowds dispersed, they would be facing "extreme action." I guess everybody knows what that meant. These brutes would slaughter every last man, woman and child in the country, it seems, just to stay on top.

If ASEAN doesn't have these criminals thrown out of the Association by the weekend, they might as well pack it up and disband the thing. Having Than Shwe in their club one single day more should make any self-respecting country quit it in disgust.


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