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Monday, October 08, 2007

the Burmese exile media organisation, Democratic Voice of Burma has been broadcasting scenes from some of the worldwide actions in support of Burma's freedom struggle.

After whatever knocked my computer out last week, I spent most of the weekend making improvements in security, memory and capability. Here then, is something of a test.

These are a few clips from DVB TV's current broadcast to Asia. People in Burma are secretly watching this -- either live or on tapes. Unfortunately I'm not positive where the final scene was shot, but I'm pretty sure it must be NYC. It seems to be in front of a hotel where some world leader was staying for the UN meetings (and I think it may be Hu Jin Tao, as the interviewer asks whether "Mr. Tao" heard their demands). If anyone could confirm, it would be appreciated.

UPDATE: A YouTube user has identified the final scenes as being New York City on October 1, at the hotel of Burmese Foreign Minister Nyan Win. The full video of the event, filmed by Michael Oman-Reagan, is here.


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