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Thursday, November 08, 2007
Moustache Bros.
Lu Zaw, Lu Maw and Par Par Lay at their home theatre in Mandalay, 2005.
Photo: AFP/Karl Malakunas

antastic news: Par Par Lay has been released by the Burmese authorities. He had been held at Mandalay's Ohbo prison for more than a month.
The eldest among the three famous siblings of the Moustache Brothers vaudeville, known widely for their criticism of the ruling junta, Par Par Lay was arrested on 25 September, a day before the junta's ruthless crackdown on thousands of peaceful protesters in Rangoon that killed at least 13 and detained some 3,000 citizens, including Buddhist monks who led the marches. Par Par Lay was blindfolded while being taken from his residence to Shwe San Yar No. (4) police station in Mandalay.
Many Rangoon residents were taken away like this, most often in the middle of the night from their homes, for having been observed smiling, clapping or offering anything to the monks as they passed by.
"They mostly asked me about whether I had any connections with the monks," a tired but happy-sounding Par Par Lay told Mizzima over the phone. When finally released, he was told that the suspicions were proved wrong, he added.
Now that's an encouraging sign. Now his wife, and the rest of the Moustache brothers and family can stop fearing for his safety.


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