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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

ere are some scenes captured from Thai television over the past few days, regarding celebrations for His Majesty's 80th birthday today. This post will be updated as I finish editing and uploading more video.

To start with, some scenes from a well-wishing celebration at the stadium, followed by his arrival on Monday to visit his elder sister, Princess Galyani in hospital. This scene must have gladdened every Thai heart, to see him walk with such apparent vigour. Following this is his arrival yesterday afternoon to the Dusidalai Pavilion at Chitralada Palace, accompanied by his favourite dog Thong Dang ("Tawng Dang"), to deliver his customary annual address to the nation on his birthday-eve. The clip ends with the playing of San Rasern Pra Baramee, the King's Anthem.

This is mainly for Thai speakers, and students of Thai: the King's annual address to the nation on December 4, 2007.

There's (almost) the entire speech, last segment added to the playlist at 9:30 pm. There's a short bit missing near the start of part 7 (sorry, capture glitch).

More coming tomorrow morning...


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