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Friday, November 23, 2007

his tribute to Burma's political detainees was broadcast by the Democratic Voice of Burma on November 21, 2007. The eight figures highlighted here are just a few of the prisoners of conscience now held in Burmese prisons -- in these cases, the notorious Insein Prison near Rangoon. All eight have been recently incarcerated after being hunted down by the military intelligence, and all have served long sentences previously.

And once again, thanks to Kaung Kin Ko for help with Burmese translations.

Insein Prison, Rangoon
There is a view of the colonial-era Insein Prison toward the end of the video. This is what it looks like from space (via Google Earth). North side of the city if you're looking (it's easy to spot). Click image for larger size.

So who are these prisoners of conscience, held behind the bars of Insein Prison? Here is a little information about each one.I wrote about Jimmy, his wife Nilar Thein and their young daughter Nay Kyi ("Sunshine") back on Sept. 25. A BBC story about them is here.


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