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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

eaders will recall Burmese monk leader U Gambira, whose Washington Post-published essay I discussed here last week. Four of his family members had been arrested as hostages while he tried to stay a step ahead of the state intelligence service. U Gambira was one of the leaders of the recently formed All-Burma Monks Alliance, and was on the government's "most wanted" list.

He was arrested November 4 in Mandalay division. That's the same day his article was published in the Post. May he find the strength to face what's coming.

More: This report says he was arrested in Rangoon.
The source, who talked to the clergy over telephone, said, "He [U Gambira] responded saying that he had been arrested and is now under detention. Then, the line was disconnected."

While how his arrest came about is difficult to confirm, some activists in exile believe it is related to his article, saying it might have given the junta clues to where he was hiding.
Many continue to be hunted by police and junta security agents. The world's investigator, Mr. Pinheiro should also be looking into this.


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