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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
sad jihadi

bout three months ago, coalition forces in Iraq recovered two very interesting documents, both believed to have been written by senior al Qaeda leaders. One takes the form of a 16 page diary, although its author, an al Qaeda "Emir" named Abu Tariq, calls it his "will." The other is a 39 page letter written by a high ranking but unidentified "Emir," and recovered in a raid near Samarra.

Obviously, snapshots of al Qaeda's problems in two areas of the country cannot tell the entire story. But coupled with reports of AQ fighters leaving the country, some of their commanders absconding with the payroll, and their undeniably diminished ability to maintain previous levels of atrocities, something is clearly going on.

A translated copy of the diary/will can be downloaded from here. Some name redactions have been made, for which I substitute [cryptic epithets] where appropriate. An opening section (not included here) details their used car jihad -- buying and selling of vehicles to each other. "[%#$@] still owes us $10,000..." and so on. This was recovered south of Balad.
[15 Oct. 2007]

This is My Will:
I am Abu-Tariq, Emir of Al-Layin and al-Mashahdah Sector.
There were almost 600 fighters in our Sector before the Tribes changed course 360 degrees under the influence of the so-called Islamic Army (Deserter of Jihad)...

This dopey "Emir" isn't the sharpest scimitar in the armoury. The tribes "changed course 360 degrees"..??
... but things started getting worse ever since, and as a result of that the number of fighters dropped down to 20 or less...
From nearly 600 fighters, he's down to less than 20. For a guy who commanded five battalions, that's got to hurt. Here's how he assesses two of his battalions. "Al-Sahwah" refers to the Awakening which first took hold among the tribes of Anbar, and the movement is now spreading throughout the country.
[28 Oct. 2007]
Battalion of Laylat al-Qadr Martyrs:
Its group Emir called [%$@#!^&] (Detained), and the number of fighters in this Battalion were 200. All of them were very well equipped with weapons and 37 vehicles and they did a lot of good activities against the invaders and its followers, but in the meantime were are few fighters left who are actually fighting and some were killed and some arrested but the majority betrayed us and joined al-Sahwah. This battalion was one of the first battalions whose number of fighters was tarnished after Abu-Haydar al-Ansari Battalion, and the number of fighters is now only ten.

Battalion of Abu-Haydar al-Ansari: The Emir of this battalion [||||||] was the first renegade in this group. He ran away one month before the al-Sahwah movement started in our sector and we still do not know where he is hiding. It is no wonder that most of the information we got from him was deception and lies. There were 300 fighters in the battalion equipped with good weapons and 17 vehicles, and since [the Emir] deserted us the number of fighters dropped down to 16 and then to two; one of whom was arrested [Abu #%!@& al-*&!^#$@] and the second one was injured [Abu &*!@%#$] and the rest joined the al-Sahwah groups.
Sounds like things are tough out there now for jihad pimps.

The longer document recovered from an al Qaeda base in the Samarra area hasn't been released yet, that I could find. But it's discussed in this article with some quotes, and also here.
"The renegades and Americans started launching their attacks to destroy us. We lost cities, and afterwards villages, and the desert became a dangerous refuge. We got away from people and found ourselves in a wasteland desert."
Poor mujahideen, lost in a desert wasteland where nobody loves them. Look at those sad jihadi eyes up there.

From the Times (not NY, of course):
"We helped them to unite against us . . . The Americans and the apostates launched their campaigns against us and we found ourselves in a circle not being able to move, organise or conduct our operations."
I'm really impressed with that touch of self criticism. "We helped them to unite against us." Zawahiri was warning the Zarkman about exactly that, long before Zark was sent to meet his 72 raisins. Did "al Qaeda (which has nothing to do with Iraq) in Iraq (which has nothing to do with al Qaeda)" listen? Nooooooo.....
"The Islamic State of Iraq [al-Qaeda] is faced with an extraordinary crisis, especially in al-Anbar province. Al-Qaeda’s expulsion from Anbar created weakness and psychological defeat. This also created panic, fear and the unwillingness to fight.

"The morale of the fighters went down and they wanted to be transferred to administrative positions rather than be fighters. There was a total collapse in the security structure of the organisation."
Lots of them are begging to go home, but some will probably try to regroup outside the country and re-enter when conditions change. Like say for instance, next January when President Messiah fulfills his pledge to "end this war now!"

But at least until then there will be no betrayal of that country, no turning away to leave them to a grisly fate. Undoubtedly, the head loppers who turn retarded women into human bombs will come up with more such events between now and then, as far as they are able. Those who refuse to consider the consequences, if "troops out now!" comes to pass eleven months hence, had better start considering it soon.

Last Friday night I was lucky to catch the last half of President Bush's speech to CPAC, as it was carried in full on the AP satellite feed (CNN - International at least - couldn't be bothered with it). I couldn't find it online either, although C-SPAN should have had it. Then I was doubly lucky on Monday, when it was rebroadcast on the American Embassy Network. So I captured it, and pulled out the sections related to Iraq, Afghanistan, the struggle against violent political Islamist jihad, protecting and spreading freedom, and all that stuff hardly anybody in legacy media cares to hear about.

Here you go. It's a shame that when he talks like this, few people get a chance to hear it -- apart from whatever brief sound bite or slight gaffe can be taken out of context for the network news. The full transcript is here.

Advance warning to those sadly afflicted with BDS -- do not watch right to the end of second reel (it's a 2 video playlist). The danger of spontaneous combustion cannot be ruled out.

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