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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

t looks like it was a good turnout yesterday at the White House. Tibet support demonstrations were held in at least 63 cities in at least 27 countries, for the global day of support. In what is believed to be the largest (and fastest growing) global online petition drive ever, 1.4 million signatures were collected in just one week. The exile Tibetans in New Delhi attempted to deliver cartons of the names to the Chinese Embassy, but were prevented from approaching by police.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman delivered a strong warning to Europe yesterday, for EU ministers having dared to discuss the issue, which he insisted are "China's internal affairs." No other country or organisation has the right to have an opinion on this, seems to be their current stand. "Any rational person would refrain from risking antagonising one-fourth of the world's population," stated Jiang Yu, in what sounds like some kind of threat.

The day of demonstrations kicked off in five cities in New Zealand, five more in Australia, followed by Jakarta, Singapore and Bangkok (while India was just getting up and ready, a major centre of activity). Tel Aviv in the Middle East. Loads of cities in Europe, and dozens more in the Americas (including at least Sao Paulo, Santiago, San Jose, and Montevideo in the South). Here's some Reuters video of the scene at the White House.

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