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Friday, May 23, 2008

antastic news, if it pans out. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has been meeting with Senior Dictator Than Shwe in his hideout at Nay Pyi Daw today. Just over the wires: Than Shwe has agreed to allow in 'all' aid workers to help the cyclone survivors.
"He has agreed to allow all aid workers," said Ban, who is on a mission to convince the reclusive military government to permit more foreign relief expertise three weeks after the cyclone struck, leaving nearly 134,000 dead or missing.

Asked if this was a breakthrough, Ban said: "I think so."
I fervently hope this is true. Thousands and thousands of lives are depending on it. AP also has the story. Both those links will be updated with further information as the day progresses.

Well done Mr. Ban Ki-moon! Let us just hope there are no devils in the details. Get those visa stamps warmed up, Burma embassy. There are a lot of people over here raring to go!


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