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Thursday, August 07, 2008

n a report for Independent Television News, Lindsey Hilsum visits Rong Gonchen (Rongwo) Monastery in Rebkong County, Malho Prefecture, Amdo (Ch: Qinghai). She also visits other unidentified (for safety reasons) monasteries, interviews monks and other Tibetans (with identities concealed) about the ongoing Chinese suppression of their cultural and religious rights.

Included are scenes from a traditional horse-racing festival -- a small event, since the authorities have banned the large summer festivals that Tibetans enjoy -- which Hilsum refers to as "Tibetan Olympics." This is not a good year for Tibetan Olympics. The Chinese authorities have politicized them as much as they have politicized their own.

[note: a word was missed at the beginning of the clip. "Anti-"]

UPDATE: Lindsey Hilsum in the New Statesman: Why China is frightened of horses

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