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Monday, November 24, 2008

k, now I see what happened.

After the US presidential election this month, John Ziegler (producer, writer and director of the documentary Blocking The Path To 9/11) was curious to learn how an unknown, unaccomplished junior politician managed to get elected to the highest office in the land. He wanted to know what makes all those Obama voters tick. After interviewing a dozen Obama supporters immediately after they voted on election day (selected on "apparent intelligence" and willingness to express their opinions). The result was a bit shocking, so he hired John Zogby to conduct a broader poll of Obama voters.

Here's the video:

Now, I would never claim that one had to be stupid to vote Obama, and I'm not even claiming that these Obama voters are stupid. I would claim that they are highly uninformed (or selectively misinformed), so this is really about Barack's Media Choir than anything else.

Yet, your humble correspondent is himself a non-American who lives on the other side of the planet, and even I could answer all those questions correctly. So I guess in addition to "uninformed" I would add that these people are shockingly incurious. It's not really very difficult to know this stuff.

More than 500 O-voters were polled by Zogby -- 97.1% were high school grads, and 55% were college grads. Links to the complete results, and other related developments can be found here.

With 12 simple multiple choice questions, in the format of "Which of the four candidates said or did the following: ...," the majority did much worse than they would have by just guessing (25% probability of correctness). Your humble correspondent knew all twelve answers, along with 0.5% of the sample group. Frankly, these were not difficult questions. More than half of them could not identify which party currently controls Congress (50% probability by just guessing).

Naturally, these findings (and especially that video!) created a firestorm among left-partisan bloggers, who denounced it as a "push poll" and made many other ridiculous claims. Ziegler responds here. He challenged anyone to conduct a similar poll of McCain / Palin voters, and he offered a bet: If you can get results on the opposite side which are as bad or worse than this, he will pay your cost of the polling. If you lose, you pay his costs to Zogby.

There are no takers on the offer. Of course, Zogby himself was also attacked, and now says he will not conduct such a poll of McCain / Palin voters.

So there you have it. How Obama got elected. I hope Edward R. D'oh-lbermann and "Tingly" Matthews, and all their cohorts in the media choir can get a good mass production deal on "Mission Accomplished" banners for their "newsrooms."


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