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Monday, November 10, 2008

ome video footage of the Tibetan protest near Kirti Monastery, Ngaba Prefecture on March 16, 2008 has been released to International Campaign for Tibet. This is the kind of evidence that readily found its way out of Burma during the popular uprising there in September 2007 -- often on the very same day an event happened.

But as everybody knows, nobody can put a lid on information quite like the communist Chinese. And so, seven and a half months after the fact, a brief three and a half minutes of images from this incident has made its way into exile. Not captured in this video is the moment Chinese troops opened fire on the non-violent protesters, killing at least 23 people.

Soon after those scenes were filmed, the following picture was taken which you may remember. Some of the bodies were brought to the monastery for their last rites.

Mourning at Kirti
Photo: Kirti Monastery

Other images of the aftermath soon followed. This is the mildest one I could find.

Not in vain
Photo: Kirti Monastery

Many such incidents of Chinese troops using deadly force against non-violent protest have taken place since March 16. They have happened out in the open, and behind concrete walls of prison cells. There have been no pictures.

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